Our services

A team supporting all aspects of recruitment.

The SALTO platform and its highly optimised HR management software are designed to support you throughout the entirety of the recruitment process, regardless of whether you are:.

  • a European job agency aiming to broaden your client base
  • an independent headhunter specialising in qualified personnel recruitment
  • a business employing workers on a temporary basis
  • a business aiming to directly hire qualified personnel on employment contracts
  • a jobseeker aiming to find work on either short-term or long-term basis

SALTO team offers constant monitoring and a range of services, from simple tasks such as assistance in establishing a connection between prospective partners to complex administrative projects such as full management of HR documentation or optimising the HR strategy of an entire company. We are consistently broadening the client base of our partners to ensure provision of qualified personnel. Additionally, our platform lists many interesting applicants in the “Candidates” subsection.

Enhancing and optimising processes with “Salto” HR management software.

“Salto”, our human resources management software, allows you to efficiently tackle all the recruitment issues, whether you are a company, an employment agency, or a temping agency.

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